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Special thanks to the people who continue to support and inspire me.


My Family...

To my husband Buster, Thank you, for your patience, support & understanding of my craziness & long hours.

To my children, Thank you Wallace & Catherine for you loving support.


                Website Design...

Todd Schwing   Todd Schwing Design


                        The Photographers...

Abigail Marie    Non'Pa Reil, Photography by Abigail Marie
Amelia Phillips Hale    Amelia + Dan Photography
Chris Campbell    Campbell Photography
Christine Szeredy    Christine Szeredy Photography
Collette Mruk    Collette Mruk Photography
Dave Jackson    Jackson & Co.
David Despeaux    David Despeaux
Diana Deaver    Diana Deaver Photography & Videography
Eric Gaffin    New Dream Photography
Evelyn Grace Healy    Wax Ecstatic Magazine
Francesco Licata    Francesco Licata
          Francois Franc Verlynde    Francois Franck Verlynde Photography
Gamil Awad    Gamil Awad
Gary Ferguson    TK Productions
Hector J Salazar    Mind Media Group 
Jamie Forhan    Jamie Forhan
Jason Wesley    Jason Wesley
Jeffrey Scott Villafane    Jeffrey Scott Photography
Jeni Rone Becker    Sea Star Arts
John Hethorn    John Hethorn Photography
John Rector    Mind Media Group 
Katie Lynne Heatley    Katie Heatley Photography
Kendell Linh Healy    Wax Ecstatic Magazine
Kimberly Krauk    Zoom Photography
Koi Sojer    Snap'N U Photos
Larry Sanders    Larry Sanders Photography
Laura Olsen    Olsen Imagery
Leroy Mazyck    Freeze Frame
Mahmood Fazal    Mood Photography
Merrick Teichman    Do The Charleston
Michael Kadlubkiewicz    MK Fotos
Michael Mulligan    Michael Mulligan Photography
Obed Danjoint    Danjoint Photography
Pablo Lazarte    Pablo Lazarte
Peter Finger    Peter Finger Photography
Phelan Marc     Phelan Marc House of Photography
Praneendra Kuver    Dynamic Range Photographic Art
Raheel Gauba    Fia Forever Wedding Photography
Robyn Leigh    Robyn Leigh Photography
Terrance Antonio    Terrance Antonio Photography
Travis Teate    Travis T Photography
Yaira Orellana    Yaira O. Photography


                        MUA & Hair Stylists...

Amanda Rose    Amanda Rose
Amy Dawson    Posh Salon
Angela McKee    Head Turner Studios
Elana Greene    MakeUp by Elana
Elana Priel Watts    Colorplay
Elina Mille    Bellelina
Jai Schmidt    Refashioned by Jai
Jonny Sherwood    Jonny Cosmetics
Pablo Lazarte    Pablo Lazarte  
Robin Lee Simmons    Robin Lee MUAStylist
Stephanie Grace    Stephanie Grace--The Studio



Brian Maynor    BRIAN MAYNOR
Dillon Pasterski    DillonJay


                        Fashion Designers...

Alena Fede    ALENA FEDE Fashion/Wedding
Beth Pilger    Pilger
Jennifer Ghelardini    Ghelardini
Rachel Gordon    One Love Design


                      Jewelry Designers...

Frank Rubio    Frank Rubio Jewelry
Rose Marie Swanson    White Tigress Vibrant Jewelry


                  Public Relations...

Annie Byrd Hamnett    Byrdhouse Public Relations
Camille Key    Miami 365 & Charleston 365


                        Modeling Agencies...

Tripp Adams    Tout Models & Talent


                      Health & Wellness...

Cathy Fisher    New World Wellness Center
Rose Marie Swanson    Rose Marie Swanson
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